For my Survey and Research Methods class, my group and I paired with a local bicycle rental and repair company called James Bros. Bikes. We were assigned to conduct a SWOT analysis for the company’s communication platforms and follow up with suggestions for improvement. As part of the recommendation process, my group and I created and conducted a survey to be distributed to the local Auburn community. The survey addressed the demographic makeup of the community as well as their current bicycle use and potential service needs. The data collected from the results was used to highlight inconsistencies in brand messaging and provide recommendations for improvements. Through our research, my group was able to identify an opportunity and provide a strategic implementation plan for James Bros. Bikes.

This project taught me problem solving skills while working in a group setting with a third party client. Through research, analysis, planning, and implementation, we were able to create an overall strategic communication plan. This strategy offered a solution that would improve brand messaging and consumer perception of our client.


Research conducted for the course: Public Relations Survey and Research Methods. Through this research, we aimed to improve the overall image and communication strategy of James Bros. Bikes to the Auburn community.



James Bros. Bikes


  • + Survey & Research Analysis, Strategic Communication
  • + In Fall 2016
  • + In: Public Relations, Research

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