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In my media kit, you will find additional writing samples. This media kit includes a media release, backgrounder, media advisory, and feature written for c sports client I created for a class project. As a lover of sports and communication, I chose to introduce a professional baseball team to the City of Nashville for my Public Relations Writing course class project. This project encompasses a selection of communication pieces essential in the public relations process. I enjoyed creating this client as well as supporting its growth because it was brought to life through PR writing. I chose to create a professional baseball team as my subject because of my interest in the role of public relations for a sports team. Managing a mutually beneficial relationship between a team and the public is essential to its image, and thus an important step in the introduction of a new team. Professional sports add an element of unpredictability to the public relations process, thus it is my personal favorite type of client. Nashville was the perfect city in which to introduce a professional team. Its growing economy and lifestyle make its community the ideal fan base for a sports team. Not only is the city a tourist hub, but it is also a center for new ideas and businesses. With the successful presence of professional sports already in Nashville, I thought it an ideal city for the MLB to expand.


A media kit featuring a proposed MLB team created for the course: Public Relations Writing.


MLB, Nashville Bears (mock)


  • + Public Relations Writing
  • + Fall 2017
  • + In: public relations, writing, strategic communication
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