I made this logo using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. First, I drew my initials so that I could incorporate my own handwriting into the logo. I then scanned the picture in to Photoshop and increased the contrast which enhanced the black colors of the image. After the image was clear, I added brush strokes to my initials to make the lines thicker and smoother. I then added a layer to the image for some additional elements. I increased the thickness of the brush and changed its texture to appear like watercolor strokes, adding a splash of color to my logo. I rearranged the layers, bringing the writing forward so that the water color mark would appear behind my initials. After adjusting the color to my desired shade and opacity, I added a text box for my full name. Lastly, I removed the background by un-clicking the “eye” on the background layer of the image. I then exported my logo for web use in order to insure the correct format.

I chose to use my own handwriting to make my logo a little more personal. The particular font reflects my personality, a little spread out but always true to myself. I enjoy creating connections, and building relationships and believe community can be formed when even a small similarity is found between two people. Despite my outgoing and spontaneous personality, I also enjoy structure when I work. I chose a capitalized and consistent font to contrast the cursive aspects of my extroverted personality. I added a splash of color to my logo for a similar reason. I always see the world in color, finding something to enjoy in even the most black and white situations. The watercolor also lacks structure, representing the distorted beauty in most of our lives. Color is not always obvious in all circumstances, but can always be found.


Logo created using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.



  • + Personal Logo
  • + by: Katie Brooks Boone
  • + design, graphics
  • + Created in Adobe PhotoShop, Illustrator