I made this infographic using Canva. Canva makes the design process fun and simple, and they even have templates to choose from. I chose a template that was similar to the layout I wanted, then just added my own content. This infographic shows the process of making the perfect cappuccino, broken down into five simple steps. I am a coffee lover myself, and often enjoy a flavored drink to mix up my caffeine routine. I thought a how-to process for one of my favorite choices, a latte, would be perfect for this infographic. Lattes require a little more effort to make than a regular cup of coffee, so I thought this information would be helpful for a coffee addict like myself. The information in this infographic was easy for me to break into simplified steps because of my knowledge of the drink. My parents founded a small coffee chain when I was young, so I grew up around coffee grinders and espresso machines. Needless to say, coffee and espresso drinks are second nature to me. I often try new flavors and specialty drinks to mix up the routine, but always make coffee a part of my day. I hope this infographic is fun and informative, helping you satisfy your sweet tooth or caffeine craving like me! .


Easy steps to make the perfect latte infographic


  • + Infographic
  • + By: Katie Brooks Boone
  • + design, creative
  • + Created in Canva
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