For a semester-long project in my Public Relations Campaigns class, my group and I strategically planned a campaign for the Hershey Company, specifically their Reese's brand. This campaign was created to address their corporate social responsibility efforts, specifically those concerning the level of physical activity participation for young adults. The campaign aimed at creating motivation for consumers to spend time in the outdoors. For the duration of the project, our team worked with Ronnie Tolson, a Ketchum employee. Through a survey and a focus group, we gathered information needed to create an effective plan for the brand. We conducted both internal and external research on the current CSR efforts and brand perception of Hershey’s. After identifying opportunities for improvements, we planned a strategic campaign that would effectively build credibility and CSR presence for the Hershey Company. The ”Pack a Reeses” campaign addresses the lack of exercise in young generations and aims to encourage increased participation in physical activity. Through social media engagement, and a series of events that encourage our initiative, we created a CSR campaign that strategically positions the Hershey Company for consumers. Through research efforts, detailed planning, strategic communication, and evaluation, we created a strategic campaign that we believed would benefit Reese's brand and the Hershey Company as a whole. This project showed me the value of working with a team to create a multi-faceted campaign for a company with the goal of improving its brand perception. Strategic planning and implementation were key in the creation of this CSR campaign.


A CSR campaign created for the course: Public Relations Campaigns.



The Hershey Company


  • + Strategic Communication, Corporate Social Responsibility
  • + Spring 2016
  • + In: public relations, campaigns
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